Here at Squirrels Nest, we want to challenge you this Father’s Day to go more green and have less screen. Switch off all technology in order to reconnect with your loved ones. We have all heard of the term disconnect to reconnect but how often do we actually take the time to do it?

At Squirrels Nest our treehouses have no Wi-Fi, but we promise you that during your stay you will find a much better connection. And whilst we are not able to welcome you here to our nature retreat at the moment, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can go more green and have less screen this Father’s Day!

More Green Less Screen fathers day challenge | glamping fathers day break wales

Firstly, technology can be very addictive and we can often have our heads stuck in our phones or our laptops. But don’t let it effect your relationships. So, make a change at least for the weekend away and enjoy an off grid break for fathers day in Wales.

Secondly, your children no doubt will incessantly tell you how much they want a phone, an iPad or a gaming system. However, what they won’t tell you is how much they want a relationship with you. This is more often than not shown via behavioural difficulties in children rather than verbally expressed. Therefore, as parents, we get caught up in daily life and our screens that we forget to create those connections.

So, take up the challenge this Father’s Day with your stay at Squirrels Nest. Take an off grid weekend break in Wales as a family and try out some of these ideas to have more green and less screen.

Go glamping in Wales for fathers day

Glamping in Wales is a great way to experience the great outdoors and connect with nature and truly switch off from modern life. Go back to basics, get the tent out and camp in the back garden. Build a campfire, toast marshmallows and sing songs!

go Green with a campfire

Garden Tracing

A fun activity to help learn and explore the different plants and trees in your garden, no matter what age you are. All you will need is some paper and a crayon. Trace the bark or a leaf, stick natural materials onto your picture or create one big collage. Look closely at the plants, try to identify them and see how they feel and smell.

More green less screen garden tracing activity

Go barefoot

Kick off your shoes and take off your socks. Bring yourself into direct contact with the planet and absorb the natural energy the earth provides. Walking barefoot is said to have a host of benefits and can be a great sensory activity for children. Try walking outside on the lawn, paddling in a stream, or dancing around in the mud! Feel liberated and at one with the earth.

See life beneath

There is so much wildlife that can be explored right on your doorstep. Release your inner child and let your children be fascinated by the woodlice, ants, worms and beetles. Try picking up a large stone, explore an old tree stump, dig in a mud pile or delve into the long grass. You could even turn it into a safari adventure or a scavenger hunt.

Explore the local wildlife

Let your imagination flow

Go for a walk and explore somewhere new, see what you can hear, see and smell? Let your senses guide you. Bring your imagination to life and create your own story. Perhaps there is a troll that lives under the bridge on your walk and you must cast a spell to send it away. Or a big bear that lives in the woods that just wants to be friends. Nevertheless, children will absolutely love the interaction and the magic and wonder.

Explore nature

Build a den

No matter what age you are, everyone loves a den. Also, no matter your space or the materials you have available we are sure you can find something to build a den with. Additionally, add in some comfy cushions, a good book and snuggle up together to enjoy some quality time.

Building a den at Squirrels Nest

Finally, not only will this time help you to all reconnect as a family and enjoy some quality time, but outdoor play has so many other benefits. It helps to reduce stress, foster creativity and imagination.

We have plenty of outdoor play opportunities at Trawscwm Treehouse and we look forward to welcoming you soon.

Join the challenge this Father’s Day and go more green and less screen.