Not that you need any extra persuasion, but we’ve taken a look at the unmissable perks provided by a sublime stay in one of our tempting treehouses. From the fresh air of wild and wonderful Wales to the exquisite, indulgent interiors, here are 5 reasons why you need to book yourself a stay at Squirrels Nest…


reconnect with nature with a stay at Squirrels Nest


1. To Reconnect with Nature (& Yourself!)

With no wi-fi and limited 4G, both treehouses encourage you to be truly present and enjoy every waking moment. Ensuring no distractions, our treehouses are the perfect place to escape, with empty hours for filling doing something you truly love – or absolutely nothing at all! An abundance of windows allow the natural ambience of the outdoors to light up your days, with only the surrounding wildlife for company.

Nature is also perhaps the best medicine, with doctors and mental health professionals in both the UK and US prescribing time in the outdoors to ease symptoms and improve long-term conditions; so you’re feeling stressed, uninspired or simply in need of an escape, a stay at Squirrels Nest is exactly what the doctor ordered!



2. To Feel Like a Child Again

In this incredibly fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget to slow down and simply have fun. We don’t think we are alone in remembering the typical childhood fantasy of wanting to escape to our very own treehouse and completely forget about the outside world, immersed in our own realm up amongst the leaves.

A stay in either Trawcswm or Cadwollens will give you exactly that, with the captivating comforts of our interiors that fuse both rustic romance with the height of luxury. To inject even more play into your stay, we also offer a stash of only the best board games and a suspended floor hammock where you might while away the hours with a riveting read, or simply sit back and take in the treetop views.


Luxury treehouse UK getaway


3. Experience a Different Kind of Luxury

A copper bathtub that boasts a panorama of stunning rurality? Check. All the quirks of camping but with comfortable beds and beautiful interiors? Check.

If you’re reluctant to spend yet another weekend on a boutique break in the hustle and bustle of a city centre, we can offer you something entirely different, a world away from your everyday. Boasting the same comforts of a high-end hotel but offering the quiet and seclusion of a calm camping trip (if that even exists…) a stay at Squirrels Nest will provide you with memorable moments and a unique experience that has had our previous guests coming back for more. To add even more indulgence to your trip, luxurious hampers are also available and can be organised directly with us!


Elan Valley Wales


4. To Explore the Local Lands of Wales

 With 2020 hailed as ‘The Year of the Outdoors’ by the Welsh tourist board, what better time to experience the rugged romance our humble country has to offer. Whether you’re a long-time local or have never stepped foot in the land of legends before, each treehouse is stocked with local OS maps so that you can perfectly plan your route with the nearby Elan Valley and breath-taking Elan Dam sure to provide picturesque pit stops.

But don’t worry – If you’re more of a luxury lounger than a rolling hillside rambler, you can still make the best of your secluded surroundings with a dip in the outdoor hot tub!


Stargazing in a private treehouse UK


5. To Stargaze and Sunbathe!

Whether you come to us in winter or summer, you can still embrace the best of what that season has to offer by using the outdoor deck area to either stargaze or sunbathe.

With 20% of its land mass covered by National Parks and an abundance of dark sky destinations on offer, Wales is one of the best places in the UK for stargazing, with Powys itself boasting an incredibly low amount of light pollution. So if you’re visiting us in the middle of winter, we personally recommend taking your welcome bottle of wine into the great outdoors and gazing up at the open sky. (Toasting delicious marshmallows over the outdoor cooking facilities optional!)

Our outdoor deck areas are also equipped with comfortably cushioned sun loungers, for those long summer days spent with a gorgeous glass of wine in hand.


If all of the above sounds like something you might like to experience, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or simply check our availability for Trawscwm or Cadwollens.