This is a little throw back to when we welcomed our first guests at Cadwollens Treehouse in July 2018.

There was sun, long grass and the Ash Tree was so green with leaves. We are looking forward to spring when everything just gets that little bit greener, the daffodils will be in full bloom and the sun will be shining….fingers crossed. The sun, birds tweeting and warmer days just makes everything that much better.

Did you know that our Treehouses are built using locally sourced oak, larch and western red cedar? John has used the different colour shades to create an eye catching pattern externally. He has even mismatched them so that they lie at different angles. This sort of stuff is all in his head and he just comes up with these ideas as he builds! As the year has gone on, the wood has started to silver due to it weathering and it’s now really blending in with the landscape.

We are glad we went with the galvanised zink at the base as the colours go so well together. We are starting to think about how we can create some rustic features in the third treehouse which we hope to start building this spring. I fancy wobbly bridges to your own private deck (however John is not so keen due to the complexities of building!)

We have talked about a glass floor in one room as the treehouse will sit over a small stream! I’m looking forward to working with John to create another beautiful space for people to stay.