This is Becky and she has been with us since Day 1! (Well before if you count another one of our projects!)

Bec cleans for us at Trawscwm Treehouse.



So what is your ultimate favourite cleaning product?

“My favourite product has to be elbow grease and zoflora!!”

Any tips?

“My top tip would be to use washing up liquid on shower glass and to wipe off with kitchen paper, I think it works wonders!

Another is to put a little bit of Zoflora onto a folded piece of kitchen paper and to place it in the bottom of any bin before putting the bin bag in… it leaves a lovely scent!

I can’t not mention Elbow Grease…it’s so versatile and it can be used on anything…even stains on fabric…it’s been brilliant on that yellow chair!”

Becky is super duper particular about leaving it perfect for each and every one of our guests.

You are so committed and passionate about your job.

Thank you ☺️